An injectable in-situ forming hydrogel for embolization and possible drug delivery

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Purpose :
The aim of this study is to report our preliminary results on the development of a hybrid hydrogel system consisting of human hair keratin and multifunctional polyethylene glycol (PEG).
Materials & Methods :
Keratin extraction was performed using previously published method with minor modification. Briefly, human hair was washed, delipidized and treated with reducing agents. The collected aqueous supernatant was dialyzed against deionized water and then lyophilized to afford brown keratin powder. Hydrogel formation was accomplished by mixing separate solutions of multi-functionalized PEG and keratin, prepared individually in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) at certain polymer concentrations.
Results :
Keratin with high thiol content was extracted and characterized. Both the keratin and multi-armed PEG solutions had low viscosities and were easy to be pushed through a syringe. Hydrogels formed rapidly upon mixing the two separate solutions of keratin and multi-armed PEG. The gelation time was mostly under one minute for all the tested formulations, and robust, elastic and compressive hydrogels were formed. The reaction did not require any catalyst and did not release any byproduct. The hydrogel properties were adjustable by tuning the formulation. The gelation was tested in the presence of Visipaque and showed no significant difference on both the gelation time and gel physical properties.
Conclusions :
Hydrogels consisting of human hair keratin and multi-armed PEG were formed in situ by mixing the two separate aqueous solutions. The gelation was not affected in the presence of contrast.
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